Lupa cuello alta calidad

Código: UPOC020066

84,60 €



Lupa de cuello perfecta para cuando se necesita tener las dos manos libres, ya sea cuando se lee, se escribe, se cose o se hacen realiza algún hobby.


  • Bi-aspheric lens for near distortion-free viewing
  • 4x (12D) bifocal lens (35mm)
  • Large field of view
  • Transparent mounting for shadow-free viewing
  • Adjustable cord to raise or lower height
  • Rubber pads in feet to prevent slipping


  • Magnification: 2x
  • Diopter: 2.6D
  • Illumination: no
  • Lens Size: 140 mm x 100 mm
  • Lens Type: Bi-Aspheric
  • Case: no
  • Case Material: no
  • Bulb: no
  • Power Source: no
  • Mount: PXM Plastic
  • Lens Material: PXM with Duplex Coating
  • Miscellaneous: Includes 4x Bi-Focal (35 mm in Diameter); May be Worn Around the Neck (Cord Included)
  • Display: 2018

Lupa de cuello

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